Heat sink

Thermal Release Sheet:

The Thermal Release Sheet is an extremely flexible crucible film with excellent thermal conductivity. We use reasonable manufacturing methods and materials to achieve low price.
Use for thermal insulation of electronic products, such as thermal protection for IC chassis, buffer for PDP/LCD backlight module, etc.
Characteristics Thermal conductivity Flame retardancy Extremely soft and tight adhesion Adhesive, non-adhesive, etc. Soft cost Corresponding ability NO.1​


People have a lot of contact with silicone products, including medical supplies, medical equipment, food, cosmetics, electrical products, building materials and other household items. The main raw material of tannin is sand. A compound that is a halogen and an acid, and is an inorganic substance. In addition, the amount of Co2 produced by the rubber after combustion is very rare compared to other rubbers (natural rubber, propylene rubber, etc.), and most of them become diacidified strontium sand (essentially the same as soil), so it is non-toxic. harmless. If the silicone used in electrical machinery is a low molecular cyclic siloxane, it will easily cause contact failure.

Ceramic heat sink :

Features Light weight Contact air cooling surface High thermal conductivity Surface resistance high High withstand voltage.