Precautions for handling rolls

Transportation and carriage

Be sure to lift the roll with the cored bar shaft.DO NOT lift up the rubber part directly.Prevent the roll end from being dented or torn with wire, etc. when lifting.
Protect the journal part to prevent damage on the bearings.
Store and fix the roll in a firm wooden box, etc. for transportation.
Keep sufficient space between the box and roll to prevent scratches.


DO NOT place the roll directly on the floor. Make sure to support the roll with the cored bar shaft.
Prevent contact of the rubber surface with other object.
Store the roll in a cool and dark place without direct sunlight to prevent deterioration by UV rays.
The roll stored for more than six months may cause size difference. Re-grinding is recommended.
DO NOT place the roll near heating equipment and heat generator, etc.

Precautions for use

Support the roll at both shafts of the cored bar until the roll is installed to the machine. (NEVER place the roll on the floor even temporarily.)
DO NOT heat the roll abruptly. For internal heating, increase the temperature gradually.
DO NOT apply excessive pressure. May cause peeling.
Abrasion, offset load, mechanical backlash, etc. of bearing, bar shaft, gear, etc. may cause abnormal abrasion on the rubber surface and decrease the roll life.